Brazil: The Very Best Of Barbecue

Cookbooks can be frustrating. Sure, they all have mouthwatering pictures. But for most people, there's nothing particularly exciting in reading endless lists of ingredients and staring at recipes you'll never dare to make. Except for this particular book.

Meet the Bible of Barbecue. As its name indicates, it's a lot more than just a book. Created by J. Walter Thompson Brazil to promote Tramontina's barbecue cookware, not only does it establish the brand as the sector’s definite leader but it redefines the very concept of a cookbook.

Combining both know-how and practicalities, the Bible of Barbecue is a fully functional cooking tool that takes Brazilian churrasco to a whole new level. Open it, and you're faced with a thick sheet of charcoal that you can break into pieces. Tear up the next page, burn it, and you're ready to get cracking. Another provides an apron, and you can also sharpen your knife or use the thick wooden cover as a chopping board. Finally, our favorite, there's a page made out of salt to season your meat.

Initially distributed to selected barbecue cooks in Brazil to improve the brand’s standing among top chefs, the book has since been adapted into a simpler version for the public and released in limited numbers.

The ad, which has wowed many viewers, was awarded a golden medal at the Sol festival of advertising and communication, in Spain. And for those lucky enough to lay their hands on a copy, you can be sure that Tramontina will be at the very forefront of their minds the next time there is barbecue cookware to be purchased.

Photos: A Biblia do Churrasco - Tramontina. J. Walter Thompson Brasil