We are in the Philippines today where global brand P&G’s recent campaign for Pampers stepped outside the traditional branded entertainment box composed mainly of TV, movie or radio adverts into a very empty space.

Faced with a limited marketing budget and the exorbitant price of media spots, P&G was forced to get creative to communicate their message of ‘an uninterrupted night’s sleep for all babies’. They found their solution not in content in the usual sense, but rather in the lack of it.

They found an unused radio frequency and, based on scientific findings that have proven white noise induces sleep, decided to air nothing but static. Pampers ZZZ 99.1FM was born.

P&G promoted the channel on traditional media as well as with posters, bumper stickers and social media and targeted the average Filipino mum who is unable to afford a white noise machine, but who owns a radio. They boosted online engagement by 2011% during the campaign and reached over 25 million homes – by sharing precisely nothing!

Photo: Scott Pacaldo