Italy: Traditional Artisans Take Young Italians Back To The Future

Made in Italy: shoes, pizza, fashion, coffee… Italy’s long-standing reputation for quality precedes her, but life has been increasingly tough both for her craftsmen – battling against the easy, cheap consumerism of high street brands – and her young people – fighting a phenomenal youth unemployment rate of over 40%.

The Samsung Maestros Academy aims to build a bridge between these two groups. Their online site brings together educational videos and articles from real-life artisans, both old and new, from traditional egg-pasta-maker Monica Venturi to digital blacksmith Mario Sampietro. The craftsmen and women can also reveal the intricacies of their profession for the new generation offline, thanks to a collaboration with the European Institute of Design in Milan.

You can watch Isacco Mantegazza explain how his handmade snowboards start to take shape, or discover Roberto Gasparotto’s take on the beauty of glasswork. And the benefit for Samsung? Their technology is cleverly and not overly intrusively incorporated into all videos to present it as an essential part of all crafts, both traditional and innovative.

Photo: Samsung Maestros Academy