The Hardware Company That Is King Of Content

Today we take a trip across the Atlantic to visit US company GoPro which has taken the expression 'sell the sizzle, not the sausage' to a whole new level.

Despite originally being a pure hardware company, content couldn’t be more important for GoPro: over 50 million hours of GoPro videos were watched in the first quarter of 2014 and the company is the top brand channel on Youtube. And this is almost entirely thanks to the adrenaline-fuelled video content created by its users.

By selling not the camera itself, but rather the experience of using the equipment, GoPro has managed to establish itself as an exciting, adventure-loving brand and create a huge community of advocates keen to share their own content online in order to belong to this elite group – in parallel, raising GoPro’s cool status still further.

But this trendy hardware company is fast giving content an even greater role and reshaping itself as a media brand to diversify its income streams. It has signed deals with Virgin America and Xbox Live for GoPro channels and according to Adam Dornbusch, head of content distribution, “The camera is just the tool to get to content... Most people don’t view GoPro as a media company, but we’re quickly changing what media is.”