DON'T Try To Sell: The Content Marketing Revolution

Our cofounder and editor Jeff Israely has been writing regular posts for The Nieman Lab about the evolution of Worldcrunch since its conception. In this piece, he offers his vision on what the content marketing revolution is really all about.

But no less important is all the work that goes into not talking about Air France or selling its products. For marketers, it’s a perfect exercise in what someone once dubbed slow branding — a chance to momentarily soak a current or future customer in whatever the company wants to define as its ideals, lifestyle, or core message — to be reactivated somewhere down the road. […]

The “anyone can be a publisher now” mantra usually makes journalists think of a hungry blogger with a stand to take or a book to promote. But it also means that any business with a marketing budget can pursue and retain customers in ways that look a whole lot like the media outlets that they used to crawl to for a bit of print space or airtime. And as with the well executed airline magazine, the smart brands know they’ll lose your attention if they use this new publishing power simply to push their merchandise. They need good stories, useful information, and other new ways to captivate an audience that is just one click away from leaving forever.

You can read the full article here, or check out his previous posts on running a media startup.