Probably The Most Successful Webpage Ever

Today the Story Lab takes a hop across the pond to visit what is probably the most successful website-under-construction page – ever!

The Colombian branch of global agency Proximity claims to make brands more valuable to people, and people more valuable to brands. When their website was under construction in December 2014, instead of an inconvenience, they saw an opportunity to enhance their own relationship with their current customers and potential clients.

Rather than make do with two or three lines of standard jargon and a logo, they seized the occasion and created a truly unique webpage (Spanish) that visitors stayed on for an incredible average of 3 minutes 48 seconds.

The slick graphics, simple layout and conversational tone drew readers in from the very start, and then curiosity kept them there. In just 16 days, visits to the site increased by 1860%, 9140 people stayed on the page even after realizing it really was just a website-under-construction page and over 2000 people clicked on the Contact button.

What better way to take a common business inconvenience and turn it to your advantage, growing your audience and showing off your skills at the same time. How could you use content in your business to turn an annoyance into an opportunity?

PS - Can’t quite believe that any website-under-construction page could be this successful? Check out the English version for yourself…