China: Inspiring Wanderlust - in Mandarin

Zanadu, a Chinese boutique and luxury lifestyle travel agency has made content a fundamental part of their marketing strategy. Launched in 2012, this fast-growing Asian start-up targets the increasing number of Chinese who want to travel abroad free of the constraints of the traditional tour group, but who are not yet completely at ease when it comes to booking flights and accommodation – especially in foreign languages – on their own.

Zanadu’s CMO & Creative Director explains how strategically designed content creates “context, inspiration, support and confirmation” at all stages of the buying process. In addition to converting curious browsers to paying travelers, their content strategy is often a trump card in their negotiations with the hotels they represent. Not only can they offer a customer base, but in addition they provide free marketing for the hotel itself in the form of articles, blog posts and videos.

Pure travel content is the start of the process; Zanadu also presents potential customers with images and information on fashion, art, haute cuisine and history to inspire and, most importantly, to firmly position the brand as the leaders in luxury travel.