Shoes Are Instagram's Best Friend

The Israeli branch of Canadian shoes and accessories brand, Aldo, took to the streets of Tel Aviv to execute a fantastic blend of online and offline content marketing and earn serious kudos with its Israeli fans.

Aldo placed a bell and a welcome mat in the middle of iconic Rothschild Street, one of the most famous and most traversed streets in the city. Accompanying the bell was a poster instructing passers-by to Instagram a photo of their shoes standing on the doormat and tag it with the word #Aldo and their shoe size. The final step required them to ring the bell and wait no longer than 120 seconds, when a self-propelling cart decorated like a gift box would appear out of nowhere and approach the spot where they were waiting.

Inside was a pair of Aldo shoes – in the correct size, of course! The bell was rung 457 times over the course of the campaign, but the Aldo Instagram account was the real winner with over 798,000 interactions thanks to all the user-generated photos tagged with Aldo.

This success was not a one-off, however. Aldo’s online presence is strong: its blog posts focus on fashion inspiration, rather than promoting its own products, and include community posts where it shares Instagram pictures from its 329 thousand followers.