Interactive Content Hits The Japanese Skyline

In Japan, content took to the skies during last year’s World Cup qualifiers in the form of an interactive video. By combining a sky-high electronic billboard, their national team’s top striker and thousands of curious passers-by, Adidas Japan took an already hot-topic and engaged fans – over 500,000 in total! – in a fun and unexpected way.

The day of Japan’s final, crucial, qualifying game, onlookers were treated to an interactive video of Japanese striker Shinji Kagawa 200 meters above the ground, and were invited to throw him the ball with their smartphones. Successful throw-in-ers were rewarded with their Facebook profile and good luck message displayed on the big screen.

Aptly named The Highest Goal, the stunt was captured on camera by several TV stations covering the big game and set social media channels alight. Adidas Japan, also the national team’s official sponsor and supplier, received media exposure estimated to be worth approximately 100 million USD.