A New Way To See The World: Welcome to the Worldcrunch Story Lab

The Worldcrunch story started three years ago in Paris. We took an enthusiastic team of multilingual journalists and translators, fused them with a network of leading international news brands and added a human touch to create a new form of global journalism.

Our aim has been to discover the most interesting stories, the smartest writers and the best ideas from all over the world, regardless of their original language. We cut through the noise to identify and translate the most relevant and fascinating articles into English that is equal parts sharp…and smooth.

Over the years, we have refined our system for spotting the right stories and extended our network of journalists and publications. We now cover more of the world than ever before, able not only to provide a range of viewpoints but to unearth ideas and projects and stories that have only been written about in, say, German or French, Mandarin or Turkish.

But we also understand that the way information and ideas are spread is changing in monumental ways — every individual, business and organization can be a publisher in their own right. 

It can sometimes feel unsettling, but it is actually a tremendous opportunity for anyone in the business of communication to reach people in new ways. This has led us to create a whole new Worldcrunch initiative: the Story Lab.

The Story Lab will offer the Worldcrunch “editorial machine,” its know-how and networks, to businesses that are global, or simply globally minded. We will uncover the smart ideas and compelling stories from around the world that will set you apart from the competition.

On this blog, we will tell you a little bit about what’s going on here, but mainly we’ll be talking about what is going on out there: new campaigns, exciting innovations and the best ideas in marketing and content. And yes, we’ll use our unmatched multilingual approach to find out what’s happening in the business of marketing and communication from every corner of the planet.

See you around the world!