Sri Lanka: Innovative Content Brings Social And Commercial Success

Today our travels bring us to Sri Lanka where we are going to take a look at how daily newspaper Ada tripled its readership with the use of innovative content. But first a little context: Sri Lanka emerged from a 30-year civil war just five years ago. Despite fighting having come to an end, tensions remain high between rival Tamil and Sinhala groups. The two communities speak different languages and as a result, consume different media and content which contributes to maintaining societal divisions.

Sri Lankan daily Ada decided to address this issue by producing a bilingual edition for the traditional New Year.festivities, celebrated by both ethnic groups. In the run-up to publication of the Unity Paper edition, Ada released a bilingual font which saw great success on social media, with celebrities and users alike adopting it.

On New Year’s Day the paper sold out in hours and its readership has since increased by 351%. Proof, as if it was required, that traditional content providers have a lot to gain by adopting a not-business-as-usual approach and surprising their readers with something that breaks the mold.