Brazil: Videos & Free Advice Make For A Winning Combination

This week we visit Brazil, where we check out how young Brazilian consulting start-up uses video to connect with its audience in the innovation sector. They produce tutorials to help their entrepreneurial clients overcome all manner of challenges from how to plan their cash flow to digital marketing advice.

A particular favorite was this video (in Portuguese) from their archive on what to do if you actually hate your customers. Behind the humorous approach and tongue-in-cheek delivery is a serious reminder that it is very easy to blame your clients for problems you are encountering and much harder – but ultimately more worthwhile – to ask yourself what you need to change.

Luz’s key performance indicators suggest that this content has a return on investment of approximately 10 times the input required to produce it, making it exceptionally good value for the money. This is undoubtedly due to the human voice which permeates all their tutorials – articles on how to liven up even the dullest excel spreadsheet included – the camaraderie between the presenters and their obvious expertise in the field.

Simple but very effective, offering free advice is a common theme in many companies’ content marketing strategies, regardless of where they are based – and for good reason: it works! When done properly, it provides value for your audience and triggers emotions of gratitude and loyalty which simply cannot be created in any other way.