Hungary: The Most Up-To-Date City Guide

Travel guides become out of date the moment they’re published, and photos tell a better story than any pat, 90-word review ever can. So in an effort to give tourists a good reason to activate their roaming services in Budapest, Hungary, the telecommunications provider T-Mobile and the Isobar advertising agency created a mobile site called InstaCityGuide, which helps locals and tourists alike explore the city by using real-time Instagram photos.

Billed as "the world’s most up-to-date city guide," the tool puts the power entirely in the hands of Instagram users, who can choose categories, upload photos and get mapping information from the site. By using the geolocation capabilities and hashtags that have helped Instagram become the world’s most popular photo-sharing application, the site can determine where the photos were taken, and can sort them into easily searchable categories.

Its creators say the site sorts through and organizes 4,800 Instagram photos of Budapest a day, in real time. Since it launched last year, more than three million photos have helped visitors decide what to do and see, and where to eat within a 5-kilometer radius around Budapest — all the while cleverly keeping T-Mobile at the front of mobile users' minds and giving them an excellent reason to switch on their mobile roaming.

Photo - Moyan Brenn