Marketing to Millennials in Taiwan

Millennials. If you believe the hype, they are the marketer’s Holy Grail. Get the Millennials on board, and your brand will live forever. While this is of course a far cry from the truth, it cannot be denied that brands need to appeal to younger audiences if they don’t want to fade into non-existence as their current buyers age.

Another important factor in the Millennial buzz is that most of these young people are at the start of what promises to be a very long life of consumption. If brands can win their loyalty now, the Millennials could prove to be an important source of income for decades to come.

In Taiwan, a country still relatively new to the use of content in the marketing sphere, the instant noodle brand Uni-Noodle was facing this very challenge: While competitors were upping the complexity of their flavors, Uni-Noodle’s simple, traditional taste, after 43 years on the shelves, was failing to excite new consumers.

To turn Uni-Noodle’s simplicity into a selling point, ADK Taiwan created a series of short movies set in a noodle shop where the owner produces dishes inspired by customers’ moods: The House of Little Moments. Broadcast online and on mobile phones and backed up by a website that features recipes and cooking videos, the mini-series was so successful the brand opened a real House of Little Moments, generating strong media coverage.

The series was viewed over 8.7 times on YouTube, was named the top commercial in early 2015 by YouTube Taiwan and earned ADK Taiwan the Spikes Asia Grand Prix. What’s more, Uni-Noodle sales also jumped 37% — but most importantly, the brand established an emotional link with young people across the country, which is one of the key factors in promoting brand loyalty.

We will be keeping a close eye on Uni-Noodle to see whether they can maintain this connection with their new audience into the future. Other brands looking to capture the hearts of Millennials would be wise to do the same.

Photo — Uni-Noodle House of Little Moments website. Video — Uni-Noodle YouTube channel.