The Changing World Of Offline Shopping

BUENOS AIRES - There is little doubt that the world of retail has been altered beyond recognition by online shopping. Our marketing habits have therefore had to change as well, but it's not just online that the revolution is taking place; real-life shopping is not immune to our shifting habits and expectations either.

Shops are not just about selling any more. Firms are creating outlets to move and bind customers to themselves in an age when 3.0 retailing - online shopping - is pushing high-street shops toward extinction. The experience now must be emotional, and in trendy Buenos Aires, the biggest retail names, from Nespresso to Nike, Quilmes beers, Samsung and Huawei, are all working their way into, and forging, the new retail experience, Damián Kantor reports in Clarín.

An example is the flagship store Nike opened in early October, which the firm says seeks to "catalyze sporting experiences." The priority is not to sell items. "The new Nike Buenos Aires has a section conceived especially for women, with services and experiences that focus on their needs," a Nike communiqué stated. Yes, Nike would like you to buy, but they also want you to fall in love, and come back. For that, the premises also include a running club, an interactive video wall to test shoes, training classes and personal T-shirt stamping. It is an interactive experience based on a logical idea - letting people try out a product before spending money.

Tech firms like Samsung and Huawei are doing the same with their products: allowing people to come in, touch and try out tablets and phones at their stores. The aim of this retail strategy is similar with all the brands - instead of one-off sales, create durable links between your brand, pleasant experiences and positive emotions. That's high fidelity retail.

Photos: 1) Augusto Starita / Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación, 2) Google Street View/Worldcrunch